MCB launches 1st mobile wallet

LAHORE - The New Year starts with a bang as MCB launches the world’s 1st socially connected Mobile Wallet backed by the powerful technology giant –VISA.
In their marketing campaign they pose the public a thought provoking question “are you getting the most out of your smart phone?” As it turns out, even though our phones are our most prized possessions, yet we fail to utilize them to their true and maximum potential. What MCB promises with this breakthrough innovation is to equip you to extract the most value out of the investment you have already made in your smart phone.  The Mobile Wallet, simply put, is just like your real world wallet except that it’s intangible and in the “cloud.”
It goes everywhere with you, yet you don’t have to carry it. You can load money in it digitally through your existing bank account and link it to your existing telecom provider and smart phone without any need for switching your phone/bank/telecom operator. Once the money is in, you can make payments free of charge, buy top-ups, pay bills, shop online, enjoy discounts and much more from anywhere in the world through a combination of the mobile wallet and Visa Card! 
Speaking on the subject, Qasif Shahid, Head Digital Banking & Business Development at MCB Bank Ltd said that through our previous work in the mobile/digital payments space and working closely with Visa we have realized that the road to going viral, attaining scale and changing behavior hinges on creating payments solutions that are; bank, telecom & device independent, free of charge, interoperable and support frictionless onboarding processes.

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