Khushhali Bank introduces agri product to support farmers

LAHORE : Khushhali Bank has introduced `Sarsabz Karobar’ an agriculture based product designed to address the financing needs of certified growers. The product is a joint venture between Khushhali Bank and its value chain partner Connecting Agro Value Chain Private Ltd (CAVC). The product is initially introduced for the tobacco growers of Swabi says a statement of the bank issued here on Wednesday. Pakistan has best tobacco producing areas in the world and the bank want to provide local growers choices to producing and selling tobacco so as to introduce variety and optimization of land.
The statement said producing potatoes was another such option and the bank intend on not only supporting individuals producing potatoes financially but also through ensuring easy market access and good price for their product.
It further said alternatives and choices create options for growers to earn a stable income and bolster the economy on the whole.

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April 21, 2014
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