Potato, tomato missing in makeshift markets

LAHORE -  The vegetables prices downward trend remained intact at Sunday bazaars this week also, as most of the items rates were slashed significantly while some goods showed a slight cut in their prices.
However, several items whose rates registered a huge decline were not available in makeshift markets like potatoes and tomatoes. Vendors also continued over-charging as a great number of customers thronged these makeshift markets, set up across the City to provide cheap food items to the people. The prices of the onion, potato, garlic India, garlic desi, cauliflower, peas, lemon green chilli and radish reduced considerably while the rates of spinach, tomato, bringle, cabbage and methi were down with a minor difference from the last week rates.
Like the past routine most of the stalls were empty in Sunday Bazaars, particularly the vegetables which have shown an enormous cut were almost missing from the makeshift market, including potato, tomato, garlic India, garlic desi, lemon, bitter gourd and ocra.
Most of the veggies rates were constant, while some of the goods witnessed a marginal raise in prices, including Thailand ginger, desi spinach, peas, carrot and potato.
The shoppers said they could not find mutton and fish at most of the Sunday Bazaars and they had to buy it from other markets at higher rates. They said the city district government had failed to implement the prices of all major food items. The vendors said the sales of vegetables had increased due to cheaper prices of several commodities.
Cabbage, which cost Rs20 per kg a week ago, was selling for Rs14 at Sunday bazaars. The price of cauliflower has dropped from Rs15, long brinjal from Rs28 to Rs22 and round brinjal from Rs24 to Rs18.
The price of bitter gourd saw a drop of Rs 4 per kg but was not available.
The rate of potato was constant at Rs60 but it was being sold in the range of Rs55 to Rs 58 per kg. Garlic rate was decreased by up to Rs20 which was available for Rs 125 against Rs150 of the last week. Similarly ginger was selling for Rs170 per kg while its last week rate was Rs1802. In the same way green chili rate was reduced by Rs 20 and was being sold for Rs 50 per kg this week. Shoppers said that some of the items were available at lower rates but majority of goods prices were the same as of the open market retail shops. They said that the middlemen know that people have no choice but to shop as these are basic kitchen items.
Spinach and brinjal were sold for Rs15 and Rs 28 per kg, cucumber for Rs20 per kg and lemon for Rs50 per kg, but all of them were absolutely missing from the market.
 The prices of various varieties of apples also raised and were sold for Rs70-Rs100 per kg. The price of bananas was also higher and they were available for Rs40-Rs70 per dozen.
The Ginger rate was reduced but it was missing in Sunday bazaars. Only substandard tomatoes, pumpkins, peas, apples, bananas and other vegetables were available in the makeshift markets while no other fruit or vegetable were found at most of the Sunday bazaars.

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April 18, 2014
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