LSE plan for unlisted enterprises

LAHORE  - The Lahore Stock Exchange has been the first exchange to introduce a structured program that associates LSE to the potential unlisted enterprises across Pakistan.
This initiative has been inducted under the Department of Corporate Communications, titled as The Capital Raising Program that targets the unlisted sector on scheduled basis as part of its core functions.
LSE upon the launch of this program has successfully positioned itself as a valued brand. LSE believes it is imperative to educate the benefits of listing to the growing business community of Pakistan.
 As socially observed, Stock Exchanges in Pakistan are least integrated or utilized as means to mobilize investment and savings as compared to other parts of the world. In changing this trend, LSE recognizes the need to educate the two key players of the capital markets – the listed companies and the investors, under two different wings such as the Investors Awareness Program and Capital Raising – Listing promotion.
It has been learnt that the meetings held with the sponsors of the unlisted companies have been a valuable source of learning at both ends. LSE upon the visits to the enterprises has unearthed the concerns of the sponsors pertaining to the listing at the stock exchange.  To ensure that the business community perceives capital markets as comfortable as at home, LSE has been simultaneously working on the listing shyness communicated by the sponsors of the enterprises during the meetings.
It is noteworthy to state that besides educating the business community on the benefits of listing, LSE has also positioned itself as a socially responsible exchange that carries a promising approach in making endless efforts towards the wealth creation in the economy as well as the society. As a result to this initiative, LSE may also share the acknowledgment of being the only exchange to have made an attempt to formulate a well documented economy and a favorable liquid capital market in time to come.

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