A difficult Eid
August 09, 2013

With Eid is meant to come new hope and the appreciation of a common bond of brotherhood, compassion and empathy between our people. But sadly, in our society these attributes of the faithful are being increasingly taken over by a creed of hate, intolerance and vengefulness that too many Pakistanis have been victims of in ways too horrible and gory to be put in words.
Pakistan’s misery is arguably self-inflicted, courtesy home-grown fanatical segments, who government and law-enforcement agencies have done little to crush. This indulgence, inspired initially by financial assistance received from several friendly nations, has resulted in the cultivation of a terror that is now pervading quite successfully across Pakistan. The government remains absent, even now, when it is essential that it step up to the task of initiating military crackdown on terrorists in FATA, havens of sectarian hatred in South Punjab, and criminal elements in Karachi.
While the people protest, the government seeks to build a consensus, when in fact it's mandate ought to be enough for it to act decisively. This consensus has proved elusive and without one the PMLN government can neither withstand public pressure against an operation, nor can it sell it's own wish of negotiations with the terrorists to an army that believes such negotiations will be futile.
Meanwhile, we can only watch and pray that one day our society will be taught tolerance with just as much vim and vigour as hate was preached.
That our Ulema would begin preaching with examining their own ranks, and weeding out from their illustrious profession those who use the pulpit to instil fear and incite violence and feel no shame in encouraging discrimination to the extent of persecution.
The nation awaits such an Eid, for this is not it. Our hearts and prayers are with the families of all the victims of terrorism, we are united in our hope for a better future and happier times ahead.

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difficult eid
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