Nawaz pledges equal status to minorities

lahore - PML-N President Nawaz Sharif has said that on coming to power his party will ensure equal treatment to the minorities and protect their rights forcefully.
Addressing leaders and members of the minorities at the PML-N Secretariat here Thursday, the chief of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz said minorities have a big role in the creation and development of the country which cannot be negated. He however said “we all Pakistanis are facing the same (bad) situation”.
He said, “Our joys and sorrows are common and they (minorities) can solve problems and contribute to the national development on a common platform that is the PML-N. He said when divinely no distinction has been held to provide for the human beings then how we can put the people in different compartments and deny them their due rights.
On Pakistan India ties, Nawaz Sharif said he is a staunch supporter of strong relations between the two countries. The people on both sides lived together for centuries and share common culture heritage so no hindrance should be there to bring them closer. He said war is no solution to any problem and both the countries must resolve all the contentious issues through peaceful means.
The PML-N chief said Pakistan and India recognised the need of peaceful coexistence in 1999 when Indian PM came to Lahore and signed accord to resolve all issues, including Kashmir, through negotiations. He said if his party came to power, his government would resume the process from the point it was left in 1999.
Reciting lines of Sufi poet, Baba Bulleh Shah (RA) he said, love of human beings is the biggest asset and breaking heart a sin. “But in our politics, principles are not followed and hearts are easily broken by changing loyalties. But I am not that kind of a person and do not maintain double standards. I am the same at the inside and the outside.”
Nawaz said the minorities will prove on May 11 that they are with the PML-N. He said if voted to power, the PML-N will take everyone along in the development of the country and prosperity of the nation.
He said it was his party which for the first time in the national history, gave representation to a Christian in the Senate and on coming to power this process will be taken forward.

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