Seiersberg bakes record sponge cake

A GROUP of pastry chefs may have baked their way to a new world title after creating a giant two-and-a-half tonne sponge cake.
The bakers spent three days whipping up the colossal sugary treat celebrating the coat of arms of the Austrian town of Seiersberg in Styria.
More than 3,000 eggs were mixed with thousands of kilos of flour and gallons of milk before chefs added in sugar and fruit for extra flavour, say organisers.
Head chef Werner Russ said he was ‘proud’ of the team’s ‘very light and tasty’ creation.
“It is a normal cake mixture, with a biscuit base, normal cream filling, and is topped with around 500 kilos of fruit,” he said.
“We began with around 200 kilos of blackberries then added pineapple and strawberries.”
“Despite its size, it really is a very light, tasty sponge cake,” he added.
A team of chefs worked for three days to create the monster munch in a sports hall because no kitchen was big enough to take the specially designed  16ft by 25ft cake tin.
“We were very proud of it,’ added chef Russ. ‘Especially when people ate 10,000 pieces of it the next day after we cut it into slices.”
Organisers hope it will be officially recognised by Guinness record officials as the world’s largest coat of arms cake.
“We were very proud of it. Especially when people ate 10,000 pieces of it the next day when we cut it into slices,” said Russ.                       –Metro

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April 20, 2014
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