Fox gets head stuck in car wheel

THEY are supposedly known for their cunning, but this fox was well and truly outwitted after getting its head wedged in the wheel of a parked car. The animal was trapped after getting wedged up to his ears in a mishap with a Volkswagen car. Firefighters had to jack up the car and remove the wheel with the fox’s head still inside. It took another 45 minutes to prise the animal’s head out of the wheel. After his not-so-fantastic adventure, in Grays, Essex, the fox was handed over to the RSPCA for treatment and is currently recuperating in South Essex Wildlife Hospital. ‘It was stuck in a metal alloy – it got right the way through and couldn’t be released,’ the RSCPA officer involved said. ‘So I called the fire brigade and they had to take the wheel off. It may have been there all night and it might have swollen up so it’s had to go in to be observed.’                                        – Metro

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fox head stuck car wheel
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April 20, 2014
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