SC admits petition for hearing filed by PTI

The Supreme Court of Pakistan on Monday accepted Imran Khan's thumb print petition for preliminary hearing and ordered the Election Commission's secretary to submit para-vise reply over verification of votes of four constituencies including NA-125, NA-154 during general elections within 15 days.
During the hearing of the petition, the Supreme Court Chief Justice Tassaduq Hussain Jillani remarked that if the court issued an order for verification of votes of four constituencies then every party will raise this issue before the court.
He said that it was impossible to stop petitions pertaining to verification of voters in other constituencies.
“Other parties and groups can raise the voice that why the CJ only hear the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) petition,” the CJ added.
During the hearing, the PTI chairman Imran Khan said that Election Commission of Pakistan has failed to resolve the issue and the apex court was the last destination for his party to expect justice.
He further said that he was a Pakistani and stands in the court for all Pakistanis who wanted justice from the courts. He demanded the court to order voters verification in only four constituencies to get the result.
After this, the CJ gave an order to ECP to present report regarding the verification in NA-154 and NA-125 in 15 days.
In the short order, the SC said that the court does not want to go into details whether rigging occurred or not.
The apex court also directed the Lahore and Multan election tribunals to report within 15 days.
The court will take up the PTI petitions for hearing after two weeks.

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