PTI rallies in Islamabad, Quetta against inflation

peshawar/islamabad - Like other parts of the country, workers of the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf on Sunday held protest demonstrations and sit-ins and took out rallies in Islamabad and Quetta against rising inflation.
As per details, the rallies were taken out by the workers of the party from different parts of the city and culminated in a sit-in at Quetta Metropolitan Office under the leadership of provincial president of the party Qasim Khan Soori.
Addressing the protesters, Qasim Soori said the incumbent government had utterly failed to put a break on the rising inflation in the country, and added that the unbridled inflation had compelled the masses to commit suicides. He said the ruling party and its allied parties in the centre and the province failed to deliver on their promises. Soori said the PTI was reminding the rulers that the incidents of kidnapping for ransom, lawlessness and violence had not subsided in Balochistan and added that government had failed to deliver on the promises to curb drone attacks, rampant unemployment and halting the military operations.
He said Pakistan had been turned into a state of multitude of problems and claimed that PTI had the spirit and strength of making Pakistan prosperous and therefore, it had given the rulers a period of six months to improve the situation.
He claimed that the current government had done nothing other than dropping the bomb of inflation on the heads of the masses and said that the factories were being closed due to flaring prices of gas and electricity which was rendering the labourers of the country jobless. He warned that if the federal government did not devise a strategy to control the inflation in the country, PTI would decide its future course of action to meet the challenge.
Meanwhile, Islamabad chapter of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) also held a protest demonstration at D-Chowk in Islamabad to show solidarity with the PTI’s anti-inflation rally in Lahore.
Representatives from various sectors and union councils of Islamabad participated in the protest against inflation. Participants were carrying banners and placards criticising the anti-poor policies of the federal government.
Addressing the participants Adnan Randhawa said the government had not taken a single step to collect tax from the wealthy, curb daily corruption of billions of rupees, and bring back looted money of the nation which amounted to billions of dollars lying with the foreign banks. Resultantly, the whole burden has been shifted to the poor people of Pakistan.
Randhawa warned the federal government not to push the nation on the path of agitation, which would be good for none. The protesters dispersed peacefully after recording their protest.
The protest was organised by Insaf Razakar Group of PTI and it was led by central leader of PTI Adnan Randhawa. Other participants included Rana Atif, Faran Hashmi, Maqsood Shah, Naureen, Neelam Toro, Kuwal Shozab, Naveed Malik, Zaheer Babar, Maqsood Shah, Ehtsham, Waqar and Muhammad Umair.

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April 19, 2014
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