Pakistan urges US to respect its legal system, courts

Rejecting the criticism on Dr Shakeel Afridi’s sentence in high treason case, Pakistan on Thursday urged the US to respect its courts and the legal system. “It is our internal matter and Dr Shakeel Afridi would be treated under the law of the land,” said Foreign Office spokesman Moazzam Khan while addressing the weekly press briefing. On Wednesday, a local court of political administration of Khyber Agency had sentenced Dr. Shakeel Afridi for 30 years in prison for spying for US secret agency CIA which had led to US raid on Osama Bin Laden in Abbottabad. Khan maintained that Pakistan had participated in Chicago summit without any expectation and that Afghanistan was the only reason for Pakistan to participate in the mega gathering. “Pakistan wanted to see a stable Afghanistan and that the stability of Pakistan is linked with the stability of Afghanistan,” said the spokesman. On a question regarding Pak-US ties, Khan said the process of dialogue is still on between the two countries. “Matters related to NATO supply, Drone attacks are under discussion with the US,” he added. He said the US is very much important for Pakistan and both countries desire normal relations. Talking about Drone attacks, Khan, once again made it clear, drone attacks are unacceptable, unlawful and against the sovereignty of the country. “Pakistan wants to solve the matter of Drones with the US through negotiation rather to move UN security counsel or International Court of Justice,” Khan added. Responding to the allegation of the US senators who accused Pakistan of getting extortion in the name of NATO containers tax, foreign office clarified that it was the stance of the US senator not the US government. The spokesmen said the Interior Secretary level talks between India and Pakistan are underway here in Islamabad and that the dialogue process is very much important for both countries. “Pakistan will provide full opportunity to India to present her point of view in this talk,” he assured.

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