Civil bodies receive training on child issues

ISLAMABAD - A five-day training workshop entitled ‘Children, Protection and Child to Child Methodology’ was held here at a local hotel for civil society organisations on Monday.
The training workshop was organised by Rural Development Policy Institute (RDPI) in collaboration with Plan International Pakistan.
Country Programme Manager PIP Imran Yousaf Shami, Principal Coordinator RDPI Abdul Shakoor Sindhu, trainer Francis Rufi Sardar, representatives of RDPI including Saqib Shehazad and Qaiser Abbas attended the ceremony.
Addressing the participants on this occasion, Imran Yousaf Shami emphasised upon the participants that they must practically use the skills and techniques they had learnt in the workshop while discharging their duties in their field works in their respective areas. Shami also stressed the need to further explore and understand the Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR). “In case of any disaster or calamity, we should focus on children for their safety and protection,” he added.
Abdul Shakoor Sindhu said that children should be given respect and love since in a shape of a child, the whole humanity moved forward and entered into a new phase. He was also of the view that they should not ignore children if they asked questions, as they were also source of learning new ideas and things on many occasions.
On this occasion, some of the participants also shared their learning from the training. Umm-e-Kalsoom a representative of Social Youth Council of Pakistan (SYCOP) Muzaffargadh maintained that it was the first time that they had learnt anything about six steps of child to child approach. Explaining the points, she said that the first stage is to choose and understand which means identification of children and assessment of their problems and priorities. Second step is finding out more and it means that children research and find out how these issues affect them and their communities.
She added that third part of this approach is to discuss what one finds and plan action, fourth step is take action, fifth is evaluation and the last step is doing it better which means that relying on their evaluation, children find ways of keeping the action continue or improve it.
Some thirty participants hailing from districts including Layyah, Muzaffargadh and Rajanpur attended the training workshop. At the end of this training, a certificate distribution ceremony was held to award certificates to the participants.

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