No discrepancy on part of Imran regarding tax returns: PTI

ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf has said that there is no discrepancy or misstatement on part of PTI Chairman Imran Khan regarding his tax returns.
PTI Information Secretary Dr Shireen Mazari said that PTI examined thoroughly a media report regarding Imran's tax returns and by the and as expected the "discrepancy" was merely a misreading or incomplete reading and studying of the documents submitted before the ECP and to the FBR relating to Chairman Khan's tax returns for the year 2012.
The ECP form states clearly under section 12, that amount paid as tax for 2012 was Rs 273,339. In the acknowledgement slip of the FBR - Electronic Document Number (EDN) 26456382 - the electronically filed income tax returns for 2012 of Chairman Imran Khan under category Total Payments also states Rs 273,339. The next category tax payable/refundable states Rs 5,899. That implies that this Rs 5,899 were refundable. So naturally the tax payment shown for 2012 for Imran Khan shown on the FBR website was Rs 267,440.
Had the FBR receipt been checked, or had PTI been asked to shed light on this difference in figures, it would have been apparent that there was no discrepancy at all. It is unfortunate what could have been a solid piece of research into the tax evasion by many political leaders in Pakistan, now itself stands exposed to scrutiny simply because those assessing the documents were unable to see a simple fact and were eager to accuse Imran Khan of a tax discrepancy which was never there.
It is a well-established fact that Chairman Imran Khan not only pays his taxes but has always brought back to Pakistan any money earned abroad. To try and malign him by lumping him with those leaders who don't pay proper taxes, those who do not possess an NTN number, and those who have their wealth stashed abroad, is akin to playing the basest political game possible.

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