‘Violence against women increased by 7pc in 2012’

KARACHI - As discrimination against women is perceived a part of the social fabric of the country, where gender related violence against women is rising every year. The data of violence against women disclosed that a total of 4585 cases have been reported in the country during six months from January to June 2012, showing 7 per cent increase in violent cases as compared to such figures released in 2011.This was stated in a report released by Aurat Foundation here on Monday, stating that a total of 8539 cases of violence against women cases were reported in 2011 with average of around 4269 cases in 6 months. By that average, the prevalence of reported cases in Pakistan has increased by 7 per cent as compared to year 2011.Despite increase of 7 per cent in crime against women, the reported cases, Aurat Foundation said is an indication of the fact that more women are speaking up and more cases are being reported.The report based on media monitoring, which showed the 15 districts of the country are worst areas with the highest reported incidents of crime against women.According to report, the monitored data showed that 12 out of the 15 districts from where the most incidents of violence against women have been reported are in Punjab. Lahore is the city where highest number of reported cases of crime against women, which stood at 6 per cent of the total such cases, reported from all over Pakistan.Apart from Lahore, other districts including Okara, Sargodha, Fasialabad, Rawalpindi, Sialkot, Gujrat, D.G. Khan, Pakpattan, Muzaffargarh, Sahiwal and Shiekhupura of Punjab province were among the 15 top districts with highest number reported cases of crime against women in the country, report disclosed.The report clarified that the figures of crime against women are only reflective of the cases that have been reported in the media, while actual number of such cases is much higher than those reported in the media. All issues related to women are still considered a very private matter and are not frequently reported, besides women are either forced to or prefer to suffer in silence, report added.The report stated the abduction and kidnapping was the most commonly reported incident of violence against women from all over the country. A total of 1086 incidents of abduction and kidnapping were reported which amounts to nearly one fourth of all crime reported during the monitored period. However, it should be kept in mind that families from conservative backgrounds tend to report marriages of choice as kidnapping by the groom, so these figures might include incidents where choice marriages have been wrongly reported to the police as kidnapping or abduction incidents.The number of murder cases reported was 792, which makes 17 per cent of the total cases of crime against women, repot said, adding the murder has persistently remained the second highest most reported category of violence against women (VAW) since the year 2008. The total of1138 women were murdered from Jan-June 2012 in the country.Sexual violence against women in form of rape and gang-rape cases was the third most common crime against the women, report said, stating that a total of 435 rape/gang-rape cases were reported in the first six months of 2012. A total of 349 cases of suicide were also reported from all over Pakistan in six months, Aurat Foundation stated in its report, clarifying that there have been instances of murders after domestic violence, which being reported as suicides. Similarly, honor killings were the 5th most frequently reported category of violence against the women as a total of 346 women were killed in six months on pretext of Karo-Kari in the country, report disclosed.Domestic Violence was yet another frequently reported category of crime against women with a total of 289 such cases was reported during January to June of 2012. However, reporting domestic violence is a challenge for most women in Pakistan. The societal norms and the lack of social and economic empowerment means that most women prefer to suffer in silence rather than reporting any kind of domestic violence, report added.The province-wise data of crime against women showed that a total of 3153 incidents of violence against women were reported from Punjab from Jan – June 2012, which is nearly 69 per cent of the total number of incidents reported from the country.Abduction and Kidnapping remained the most frequently repeated form of violence a total of 911 such cases were reported in the monitored six months. A total of 1027 incidents of crime against women were reported from Sindh during six months of 2012, which is nearly 22 per cent of the total number of incidents reported from the country. After Punjab, Sindh has been reported to have the second highest number of crime against women cases.Vanni was also reported to be a common type of crime against women with 102 incidents of Vanni reported from Sindh, besides 59 suicides and 36 attempted suicides cases were also reported. The percentage of sexual violence against women in Sindh was lower than Punjab as 54 cases of rape or gang-rape and 33 cases of sexual assault were reported. The report stated that women in Khyber Pakhtunkawa are at a high risk of facing subjugation but the area’s culture and societal norms make it harder for women to report cases of crime against women. Only 283 incidents were reported from KP from Jan – June 2012, which is just 6 per cent of the total number of incidents reported from the country.Similarly, report termed the society in Balochistan province as rigid that women do not have much of an opportunity to go public with violence against women incidents. Only 78 cases of crime against women have been reported from Balochistan during the last six months, report concluded.

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