Male can also suffer from breast cancer

LAHORE - A noted doctor cited lack of health policy on screening breast cancer as reason for spread of the disease, especially in women under 40, in the county.
Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre Breast Consultant and Surgeon Dr. Zulqarnain Chaudhry said study says in European, every ninth woman suffers from this disease.
According to a press release, Dr Zulqarnain talked about the main symptoms of breast cancer which are lump of breast, lump in armpit or above collarbone, bloody or watery discharge from nipple, longstanding pain, swelling and redness, blood in sputum and persistent bone pain.
“The danger of this disease increases with age especially after 50. A history of disease in family has higher chances of genetically transfer of breast cancer to the young. Even male can also have breast cancer, but the ratio among them is low,” he declared.
He said breast cancer is diagnosed by three processes. First is clinical examination, the second is by ultrasound and mammography and the third is needle biopsy.  “Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital’s Women Imaging Unit has the highly internationally trained specialists and diagnostic facilities. Multi-Disciplinary Meeting of these specialists thoroughly study the clinical reports and so, the treatment is advised,” he added.

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male suffer breast cancer
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