‘Mechanism evolved to keep prices stable’

LAHORE - Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has said that nothing could be more important than service to the people and their welfare and the PML-N is implementing the agenda of provision of relief to the masses with sincerity and commitment.
He was presiding over a cabinet committee meeting to review prices of daily use items, on Monday. A detailed briefing was given to the meeting on the prices of essential items and their supply and demand.
The chief minister said that due to timely and steps as well as comprehensive strategy of the government, the prices of essential items have decreased substantially which has resulted in relief to the common man.
“A mechanism has been evolved for stabilising prices of essential commodities and administration and elected representatives would continue to play their effective role for keeping the prices of daily use items within the reach of the common man in future as well,” he added.
The chief minister said that steps would continue to be taken for maintaining the trend of decrease in the prices of essential commodities so as to ensure their provision to the common man at the fixed rates. He directed that indiscriminate action be taken against the elements involved in overcharging and no leniency be shown in this regard.
He said that no negligence would be tolerated in the provision of quality essential items to the masses in abundance. He said that government had taken effective steps for checking the sale of essential commodities, vegetables and fruits at higher than the fixed rates and prices of daily use items have been brought down through a comprehensive mechanism.
Shahbaz Sharif said 20-kg flour bag is being sold in Sastay Sahulat Bazars at ex-mill rate. He said that commissioners and district coordination officers are paying visits to Sastay Sahulat Bazars and also monitoring the process of auctioning in vegetable and fruit markets which has not only eliminated the role of middleman but provision of necessary items to the masses at cheaper rates has also been ensured.
He said that visits of the Members of National and Provincial Assemblies have helped in bringing prices of essential commodities within the reach of common citizens and this process should continue in future as well.
The chief minister took strict notice of the sale of water-filled meat and directed the concerned authorities to take action against those involved in this practice without any discrimination as provision of hygienic meat is the duty of administration and no negligence would be tolerated in this regard.
He said that action taken against the corrupt staff of market committees has yielded positive results and this process of accountability would also continue in future. He said that effective measures have been taken for stabilizing the prices of beef, mutton, chicken and eggs and any increase in the prices of meat and poultry would not be tolerated.
He directed that the Punjab Food Authority, with the cooperation of concerned institutions, should take action against those involved in adulteration and all out measures be taken for the success of this campaign.
He said that besides provision of hygienic food items to the people, there is also a need for effective implementation of the weight and measures system and a watchful eye should be kept on weight and measures.
The chief minister expressed his satisfaction over the fact due to timely measures of the government, the prices of essential commodities are reducing and people have been provided relief. He said that measures taken for stabilizing the prices of daily use items should be continues in future as well.

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April 23, 2014
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