PTI leaders asked to make Dec 22 rally a success
Regional heads, MNAs, MPAs from Punjab asked to ensure their supporters’ participation

LAHORE  - In a bid to launch an impressive show of force on December 22 at the provincial capital, PTI Punjab chapter leadership has directed all the regional heads, district and tehsil leaderships, and all parliamentarians belonging to Punjab to ensure participation in the protest rally against the price-hike along with their supporters.
PTI provincial leadership, which is supervising the affairs relating to December 22 protest rally said Thursday that they had completed all the necessary arrangements for taking out the rally.  They said that all the PTI regional presidents, district and tehsil leaderships and MNAs and MPAs belonging to Punjab have been directed to ensure their participation along with supporters in the protest rally to make it a success show similar to October 30, 2011.  They said women supporters and youth in the party would play a major role in success of the protest rally.
PTI provincial leaders said that Insaf Students Federation (ISF) leadership met with them at party office and told them that they had completed all arrangements to ensure maximum participation of the youth in the protest rally.
The leaders said that they visited the venue and route of the protest rally starting from Nasir Bagh up to Faisal Chowk, The Mall for various arrangements on the day of the rally, besides ascertaining the soft areas with regard to the security of caravan against the price-hike.
When asked about the preparedness in case of change of venue, they claimed that they were ready to manage any change.
Meanwhile, PTI Punjab (women wing) held a meeting to give a final shape to the strategy regarding women supporters’ participation in protest rally from across the province.
The women wing leaders, Talat Naqvi, Seema Anwar led by Saloni Bokhari, issued directions to women wings of all the regions, districts and teshils to ensure participation in December 22 show.

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April 24, 2014
April 24, 2014
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