Q shelves idea to launch drive against price hike, outages
‘Lack of public support’

LAHORE - PML-Q leadership fearing lack of on ground public support has decided not to undertake any adventure concerning launching a campaign against price hike, energy crisis and lawlessness.  According to party sources on Thursday, PML-Q Punjab chapter leadership, following the directions of top party leaders, has been pondering over the possibilities for launching a drive on the pattern of the PTI for the past few days to attain some public support ahead of local government elections.
However, the provincial leadership of the party that took birth with the blessings of former strongman Pervez Musharraf after thorough deliberations over the matter finally decided not to undertake any adventure in the name of drive against price hike, energy crisis and lawlessness.
Sources informed that PML-Q leadership has also decided to support the PTI in its efforts regarding drive against the price hike instead of meeting a failure by launching a similar campaign by itself.
They added that provincial leadership made these decisions following the reports of party’s organizational campaign in Punjab, which indicated that party had poor on ground public support.
A senior party leader told The Nation that PML-Q had already suffered several political causalities at the hands of PML-N and PTI and the provincial leadership had taken a wise decision for not undertaking any adventure ahead of the local government elections.  He was of the view that PML-Q should focus all its efforts to ensure maximum participation in PTI show and devise a smart strategy to get political benefit out of the show.  Q has lost many of its potential supporters to the PML-N after the 2008 general elections and more to the PTI after Imran Khan’s October 30, 2011 Minar-i-Pakistan show and many more to both the parties before the general elections of 2013.
The party leader remarked that getting some share even in the wings of PTI in the upcoming local polls was vital for the existence and survival of the dying PML-Q.
He was of the opinion that more dents were highly likely among the remaining ranks of PML-Q if it failed to grab some share in the forthcoming local elections.
Meanwhile, PML-Q Punjab senior vice president, Raja Basharat addressing the party leaders meeting concerning its strategy over the issue at Muslim League House, said that they would support all those opposition forces which were pursuing campaign against price hike, lawlessness and other public issues.
He said PML-Q would contact the opposition parties in Senate, Parliament and Punjab Assembly for devising a joint strategy to protest against the price hike, lawlessness and energy crisis.  Basharat claimed that they would dispel the impression that opposition parties were not on the same page relating to the issues of major public issues.  Prominent among the party leaders who attended the meeting include Nasir Mehmood Gill, Seemal Kamran and Nasir Mehmood Gujjar.

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April 20, 2014
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