People have rejected Imran’s drama, says Sanaullah

LAHORE - Provincial Minister for Law, Rana Sanaullah Khan has termed the protest of Imran Khan regarding price-hike a flop drama and said that the masses have rejected it.  He said that disappointment could be easily seen on the faces of Imran Khan and other leaders.
Provincial Minister said by rejecting the call of Imran Khan, the people have proved that they are not ready to be misled by the drama of Tsunami.  He said that Imran Khan is not doing any service to the people by enacting such dramas and is rather creating problems for them.
He said that due to policies of Imran Khan, old workers and leaders of PTI are leaving him and the faces that were at the public meeting of PTI at Minar-e-Pakistan were missing on Sunday. He said that due to the effective measures taken by Punjab government, the prices of food items have reduced in the province and Imran Khan should also take such steps in KPK for the benefit of the people.
He said that the disappointing low attendance of people in Imran Khan’s public meeting should have made him realise the faulty nature of his policies and he should better play the role of a serious politician now.
He said that by rejecting the price-hike drama of Imran Khan, the people have reposed their confidence in Nawaz Sharif’s policy of national consensus.
Rana Sanaullah further said Imran Khan should remember that land for Shaukat Khanum Hospital was given to him by Nawaz Sharif as the then Chief Minister and NUML University by Shahbaz Sharif.
Rana Sanaullah further said that people ask Imran Khan, who is in the habit of finding faults with the policies of the Federal and Punjab governments, when the murderers of polio workers in KPK would be apprehended and how much relief he has provided to the people of the province.

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April 18, 2014
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