JI asks govt to focus on whole country, jot just Punjab

LAHORE - Jamaat-i-Islami chief Syed Munawar Hasan has stressed upon the federal government to strive for foreign and local investment all over the country instead of concentrating on a single province.
In a statement on Tuesday, he said that making Punjab as the hub of development projects and foreign investment was creating sense of deprivation in other provinces which was against national unity and solidarity.
He said that the nation so far had not forgotten the 1971 debacle while most patriotic and senior politicians from Balochistan had started stating that as long as Punjab did not change its attitude, it would be difficult for them to raise the slogan of Pakistan Zindabad. 
Munawar said that Prime Minister was attaching more importance to his private business than the State institutions for promoting private business.
The JI chief asked Nawaz Sharif to visit the Sindh, KP and Balochistan in order to take the people into confidence.
He said that the government’s failure to begin talks with the Taliban in line with the APC decision had wasted the golden opportunity for restoration of peace.
He said it had been a rare moment when the whole nation stood united but the rulers wasted it due to their cowardice and slavish mindset.
He said that as long as peace was not restored in the country and terrorism brought to end, investment would only remain a dream. He said that because of the US war, there was a strong sense of insecurity among the local and foreign investors.
Strongly objecting to India’s water aggression against the country, Munawar Hasan called upon the government to take up the issue with New Delhi in a bold and firm manner.
The JI chief welcomed Turkish Prime Minister Recap Tayyib Erdogan’s visit to the country. He also lauded Turkish Premier’s announcement for investment in this country and for supporting Pakistan in every crisis and overcoming the energy crisis.
Siraj invites ex- Finance
KPK Senior Minister and JI deputy chief Sirajul Haq has convened a meeting of the former Finance Ministers of the province to seek their support for finding out solutions for the financial problems of the province.
Talking to the media at Mansoora on Tuesday, Sirajul Haq said that he had personally contacted ANP’s acting chief Haji Muhammad Adeel, PPP’s Muhammad Iftikhar Mehmand, Nawabzada Hasan Ali Khan, Faridur Rahman, Saleem Saifullah, Rauf Khattak, and Shahraz Khan, and invited them at the provincial Secretariat for finding out the ways to pull the province out of the worst economic crisis.
Sijajul Haq said that KP was facing worst economic crisis because the Federal government was not sharing with it the profit on electricity generation.
The Federation was denying the province its Constitutional rights regarding finances and the province was also deprived of basic facilities like gas, and water due to which the provincial government could not start any mega projects, he said.

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