A commendable proposition
January 23, 2012

Our politicians, constitutional experts and religious leaders have always stated that no law can be made that is repugnant to Islam. It is really commendable proposition. But when a constitutional section is itself against Islam, why that law should not be repealed. I am referring to section 248 which guarantees an immunity to the President of Pakistan to appear before any court of law. It means if the President commits a murder or any other felony even then he shall have the prerogative of not appearing in the court.
A simple question arises: Is section 248 in consonance with Islamic teachings? Why did the leaders like Mufti Mehmood and his ilk not raise any objection when the constitution of Pakistan was debated in the lower house in 1973? Unfortunately, no political party has ever raised any objection in the National Assembly as four long decades have elapsed when the constitution of Pakistan was promulgated. Perhaps all the parties want to persist with this immunity in their heart of hearts as some time in future, the president could be from their parties and the sacrosanct umbrella of presidency is a protective shelter to commit any kind of crime be it criminal or civil.
Wah Cantt, January 20.

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