LHC dismisses contempt of court petition against Prime Minister
LHC dismisses contempt of court petetion against Prime Minister

Lahore-  Lahore High Court (LHC) dismissed a contempt of court petition against the prime minister today, on grounds of immunity under Article 248 of the Constitution.
A citizen named Syed Iqtidar Haider filed an application in the LHC contending that Pakistan gained independence on Ramazan 27, adding that that should be celebrated as the official Independence Day instead of August 14. In this regard, the court had directed the premier on Dec 5, 2012 to meet the citizen to assuage his complaint. However, the petitioner said he could not meet the premier despite making several visits to the Prime Minister House.
During today’s hearing of the petition, the court rejected the plea stating that the prime minister enjoyed constitutional immunity under Article 248.

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