PTI Fata asks govt to shoot down drones

PESHAWAR  - The sit-in of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf against NATO supplies and drone attacks continued on the 27th consecutive day.
Led by PTI leader from FATA Ameen Zada Afridi, the sit-in was also attended by  Javed Afridi, Dr Khalil, Fakhr Alam, Ajab Gul, Khan Syed, Zaheer Younis and others. The tribal elders on this occasion took out rally and chanted anti-drone slogans. Addressing on the occasion, they said that the so-called war against terrorism has claimed lives of thousand of innocent people and thousand of people went disabled but the US thirst for the killing of innocent Pakhtuns could not quench.
He said that the rulers are not worried about their plight as they are enjoying safe life in Islamabad and Lahore. He said that attitude of prime minister in front of America is like a disabled cat and he is not able to convince Washington on this serious matter of national sovereignty.
The tribal leaders said that federal government should take clear-cut stance regarding drone attacks. They demanded the federal government to shoot down the unmanned predators in tribal area. They vowed to keep continue their sit-in until US assurance to stop drone attacks in tribal areas.

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pti fata govt shoot drones
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