Drone hits to continue for now: Olson

LAHORE - US Ambassador to Pakistan Richard Olson said Saturday the US respects Pakistan’s integrity and will not leave Pakistan alone.
Addressing a debate on Pak-US ties organised by Senator Anwar Baig, he said the drone strikes have been carried out to destroy terror havens in the tribal areas of Pakistan, adding the unmanned aircraft’s attacks could not be brought to an end until destruction of terror havens, he added. He also praised Pakistan’s sacrifices in the war on terror.
Raising concerns over Pak-India border tension, the diplomat said that the US will not leave Pakistan alone. He stressed the need for easing the tension through talks.
Washington’s pressure over the Pak-Iran gasline was aimed at bringing Tehran to negotiation, he said, adding that Iran was a serious threat to world peace. However, the peace in Afghanistan is essential for United States.
The envoy said the US had been helping Pakistan overcome energy crisis plaguing the country. He said that under the Coalition Support Fund, 1.8 billion dollars were given to Pakistan while the US would continue imparting military training and modern equipment to Islamabad.
Pakistan’s relations with the United States have improved over the months. Olson said the other day that the US supports democracy, not individuals, in Pakistan. His statement came in the backdrop of Tahirul Qadri’s long march to Islamabad. 

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