Indian leopard crossing into Pakistan captured

SIALKOT  - The Wildlife Department officials captured an Indian leopard which crossed into a Pasrur bordering village along Sialkot Working Boundary here on Thursday. The leopard spread panic among locals and injured critically three villagers who attempted to capture it.
As per details, an Indian leopard crossed into a Pakistan bordering village near Pasrur and injured three villagers namely Muhammad Iqbal, Bashir Ahmed and Ghulam Rasul when they attempted to overpower it. The leopard also killed a dog and injured two other dogs.
Meanwhile, the administration called in the Wildlife Department team from Lahore, which on arrival made the leopard unconscious by injecting medicine with a gun. Later, the department took the leopard to Lahore.
It is to be noted that a month ago, an Indian deer had also crossed into a bordering villages near Sialkot Working Boundary which was captured by the Wildlife Department.

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August 31, 2014
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