PAC meeting on 30th

ISLAMABAD - The Public Accounts Committee of the National Assembly will hold an in-house meeting on Monday next with Chairman Khursheed Shah in the chair.
The meeting will discuss ways and mechanism for conducting the proceedings of the committee in future.
Well-placed sources said on Wednesday that the PAC Chairman had directed all Ministries/ Divisions, Departments and Constitutional Bodies to ensure attendance of their relevant Principal Accounting Officers (PAOs) in the meeting so that future course of action could be discussed and queries of the relevant authorities could be answered.
It is worth recalling here that in the era of previous PAC numerous state owned entities and government funded organisations had been arguing against auditing their accounts by Auditor General of Pakistan (AGP) for having autonomous status.
Autonomous bodies contended that they did not fall under the purview of the AGP therefore several lengthy and tiresome meetings were held to resolve this issue.
Feeling the pulse and learning from the past experience, though not being member of previous PAC, Chairman Khursheed Shah had decided to resolve this issue once for all and directed Federal Secretaries to ensure their presence in the meeting scheduled to be held on Monday.
The sources said that the in house meeting will also take up the issues pertaining the functioning and working of the committee in coming days.

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pac meeting
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