PTI, JI stage sit-in against drones, Nato supplies

QUETTA - The activists of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf and Jamaat-e-Islami on Thursday staged a sit-in in the provincial capital against drone attacks in Pakistan and supplies to the Nato forces in Afghanistan.
The sit-in continued from 10am to 5pm and a large number of workers of PTI and JI stopped the NATO containers from passing through Khezi Chowk in Kharotabab area.
Addressing the protesters, the speakers said the drone attacks carried out by the US in Pakistan were killers of humanity, adding that despite a big loss of human lives, there was no end to drone attacks. They said thousands of men, women and children had been killed in the drone strikes, but all human rights bodies were silent spectators over the killings of innocent civilians.
They also regretted the stance of the rulers, saying they were the least moved by the drone attacks and were only issuing statements of condemnation, which was not enough, but practical steps were needed by the rulers to halt human killings.
They said there was no justification for the Nato logistic supplies through Pakistani territory as those responsible for citizens’ killings could not be given routes from Pakistan.
“Therefore, PTI and JI have decided to jointly stage sit-ins against drone attacks,” they said and added nobody was worried about the loss of innocent lives while everyone advocated supply to the Nato forces in Afghanistan.
They said the sit-ins proved the Pakistani people did not want the American dictatorship on their land anymore. They said they also carried a message to the rulers not to rule the country under the patronage of the US dictatorship.

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