Rulers in Islamabad accept slavery of America: KPK CM

PESHAWAR - Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pervez Khattak has said that the rulers sitting in Islamabad have accepted slavery of America for the sake of handful and conditional dollars but it is not acceptable to the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf and its allies.
“We need peace on our soil and not war,” he said while was addressing as chief guest at the inaugural ceremony of the regional set-up of Al-Haj Faw Motors industries at Ring Road in Peshawar. He said that if the so-called war against terrorism being fought on our soil was indigenous then it should leave for us because we can fight our own war and if it was American war then the Washington should fight it.
He said that the rulers sit peacefully in Islamabad and are enjoying their luxuries while innocent people in KPK and FATA were becoming victim of the alien war. He reiterated the pledge that the present government of PTI and allied parties in KPK would not let to shed blood of Pakhtuns anymore.
The chief minister said that PTI and its allied parties had blocked the NATO supply through Khyber Pakhtunkhwa just to tell the world that we want peace on our soil and the NATO supply would remain suspended until the halt of drone strikes.
“PTI and its allied parties have been voted to power in the province on one-point agenda of restoring peace in the region and we assure the people that we will implement our agenda cent per cent,” he added.
He said besides ensuring complete peace in the province, we would replace the existing system of exploitation, corruption and injustice with a new and public friendly one.
Touching upon the proposed local government system of the provincial government, Pervez Khattak said that through the new local bodies system we would bring a change in the province with no precedent in the history of Pakistan.
“It will truly empower people at grass root level because almost all the administrative and financial powers will be devolved to the local bodies,” he added. He termed the local government system of the other three province a deception. Khattak maintained that he had accepted the Chief Ministership of the province as a challenge for bringing about a change in the existing system and purge it of corruption, adding after thirty years of struggle God Almighty had blessed him with a chance to do what he had dreamed of.
He would make the best use of the chance and with the help of people would put in place such a system where poor would get their rights easily. He said patwaris and police could not dare to take bribe from citizens. Referring to the proposed accountability commission, he said that the commission would totally be different from NAB and other traditional anti-corruption bodies of the country, neither it could be used as a tool for political victimisation nor it would make plea bargain rather it would carryout ruthless accountability across the board and would be so powerful that it could take action even against the sitting ministers and Chief Ministers including himself.

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