Can’t let Musharraf exit country, says govt

ISLAMABAD  - The government stated on Friday it would not allow the former military ruler, who is standing a trial for high treason, a passage abroad, but was ready to make arrangements for bringing his mother from Dubai.
The government was ready to send a special plane or air ambulance, and bring Pervez Musharraf's ailing mother to Pakistan on humanitarian ground, but it would not allow him to leave the country," said a statement released by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s spokesperson.
Musharraf’s fate would be decided by “the country’s free judiciary”, Information Minister Pervaiz Rashid said, “There was no deal with Musharraf, and there would be none.”
But a private television quoted Rashid as having said that Musharraf could leave for Dubai to see his ailing mother for a day or two, but the former military ruler would have to return for his pending cases [within the stipulated timeframe]. However, all his petitions had been disposed of by the courts so far.
The former general had sought removal of his name from the exit control list to visit his mother in Dubai. The Sindh High Court advised him to approach the federal government stating the matter did not fall under its legal jurisdiction and it had only approved his interim bail.
Information Minister Rashid said “the independent judiciary” would decide the fate of the former military ruler who had been charged with treason for abrogating the Constitution and imposing emergency in 2007. He has been summoned by a special trial court on January 1 for indictment.
Musharraf has finally decided not to leave the country. He has requested the government his mother be flown from Dubai. The government has held out assurances about extending every facility for treatment of Musharraf’s mother. She is likely to be shifted to Islamabad within the next 24 hours.
Talking to newsmen here, the information minister said all the arrangements had been finalised to bring Musharraf’s mother to Islamabad on humanitarian grounds.
The court had disposed of Musharraf’s petition, ruling that the federal government had put him on the exit control list; therefore the government could only drop him from that list.
Musharraf had not allowed [Prime Minister] Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif to attend the funeral procession of their father, when he was in power in the country and he had sent the Sharif brothers in exile in Saudi Arabia.

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