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Pre-partition edifice reflects fine architectural taste

BAHAWALNAGAROne of the majestic pre-partition building in Bahawalnagar, Nagar Mahal still reflects a fine taste in architecture, standing elegantly amidst the vagaries of weather.The 90 years old edifice is situated at Minchinabad, 35km northeast from Bahawalnagar. As far as its construction ...

pml multan activists pre arrest bail attacking qureshi a
August 23, 2014, 12:16 pm

Multan: PML-N activists obtain a pre-arrest bail after attacking Qureshi’s home

Multan- A special anti-terrorism court in Multan granted pre-arrest bail today to Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz district president Bilal Butt and 18 others who were accused of attacking Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf’s (PTI) vice president Shah Mehmood Qureshi’s residence in Multan. ...

court grants pre arrest bail billu butt showered flower petals
August 23, 2014, 5:51 pm

Court grants pre-arrest bail to Billu Butt, 17 others; showered with flower petals

MULTAN-Anti-Terrorism Court approved the bail before arrest for plea of 18 accused including Billu Butt in Multan today. A case had been filed against 18 accused and 50 unknown people under the terrorism act in the wake of attacking Vice Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Shah Mahmood ...

tayyab ali squash pre quarters
August 13, 2014

Tayyab, Ali in World Jr Squash pre-quarters

Islamabad - Pakistan top junior player Tayyab Aslam and Former Asian junior individual champion Ali Bokahri stormed into the pre-quarterfinals of the World Junior Individual Championship in Namibia on Tuesday. In the first fourth round match, Tayyab brushed aside French Aquguste Eussourd 3-0 in ...

British economy grows to above pre-crisis level

LONDON - Britain’s economy grew strongly in the second quarter, overtaking the size it achieved before the global financial crisis, data showed on Friday in the latest sign of robust recovery.The latest figures, along with a sharp fall in unemployment to the lowest level for five years, give ...

govt plans session pre empt azadi march
July 17, 2014

Govt plans NA session to pre-empt Azadi March

ISLAMABAD - The government is planning to summon National Assembly session in the first week of August to preempt Imran Khan’s Azadi March in an effort to divert PTI’s street politics towards parliamentary dialogue.“It was decided in a high-level meeting that NA session will be ...

Durable peace pre requisite for high economic growth: IPR

LAHORE -  The Institute for Policy Reforms has suggested the government to lead the counter-terrorism strategy during the fight against terrorism, as durable peace and stability in the region is pre-requisite for high economic growth and development.A report titled “No Time to Lose: How ...

pre monsoon spell continue
June 30, 2014

Pre-monsoon spell to continue

LAHORE - Parts of the province received rainfall of varying intensities on Sunday, making weather pleasant by causing considerable decrease in the mercury level.The rains, however, disturbed normal routine life as the rainwater inundated roads not only in low-lying areas but also several posh ...

first pre monsoon showers hours met office
June 15, 2014, 2:53 pm

First pre-monsoon showers during next 48 hours: Met office

  Islamabad- Pakistan Meteorological Department has forecasted that most parts of the country including Islamabad, Hazara, Rawalpindi, Gujranwala, Lahore, Faisalabad, Sargodha division and Kashmir would receive first pre-monsoon showers during the next 48 hours. Mainly very hot and dry weather ...

Brazilian police crack down on pre-World Cup protest

SAO PAULO - Police in Sao Paulo fired tear gas Monday to disperse protesters supporting a subway strike that has unleashed transport chaos three days before the Brazilian mega-city hosts the World Cup kick-off. A group of about 150 protesters set fire to piles of garbage to block a central avenue ...

katy takes pre anxiety pills
June 01, 2014

Katy takes pre-show anxiety pills

BFTLondon Katy Perry has revealed she needs to take beta blockers before she goes on stage to deal with her anxiety about making sure everyone has a good time. The Roar singer - who played the O2 in London earlier this week - told Cosmopolitan magazine that she takes the medication to calm her ...

acca holds pre budget seminar
June 01, 2014

ACCA holds pre-budget seminar

LAHORE - Fair Taxation and strong fiscal policies backed by long-term stability are the need of the hour for a sustainable economic growth of the country.This was the outcome of a pre-budget seminar ‘Strategy for Growth’ jointly organized by the Association of Chartered Certified ...

Karachi stock market gains 194 pts in pre-budget rally

karachi Stocks closed all time high in the pre-budget rally amid speculations for a pro-investors federal budget due on June 3.Continued bullish trend and healthy foreign flows in previous session helped KSE benchmark index to close at 29737.69 points with fresh gain of 194.11 points. Ahsan ...

Pre-budget uncertainty pushes KSE index below 29,000

KARACHI - Institutional profit taking was witnessed at KSE Wednesday on uncertainty over federal budget due next week and dismal fertilizer sales data for April 2014. The benchmark KSE 100-share index shed 60.89 points or 0.21 per cent to end the day at 28987.32 points as compared to 29048.21 ...

kse sheds pre budget uncertainty
May 13, 2014

KSE sheds 151 points on pre-budget uncertainty

KARACHI-In spite of peaceful political rally over weekend, investors remained sidelines ahead of MSCI review and Monetary Policy announcement, equity experts observed here on Monday. At Karachi stock market benchmark KSE-100 share index shed 150.66 point or 0.53 percent to end the day at 28343.88 ...

Punjab to make mandatory pre-marriage Thalassaemia test

LAHORE - The Punjab government will legislate for making mandatory pre-marriage Thalassaemia test. According to a handout, Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif constituted a team under his adviser on health Khwaja Salman Rafiq to formulate recommendations for the purpose.Addressing a seminar on ...

khars pre arrest bail murder
May 06, 2014

Khars get pre-arrest bail in murder case

MULTAN/ MUZAFFARGARH-The Lahore High Court Multan Bench on Monday granted pre-arrest bail in a murder case till May 12 to Malik Ghulam Murtaza Khar and his nephew Malik Bilal Mustafa Khar.The accused had filed a pre-arrest bail application in LHC Multan Bench and Justice Sardar Muhammad Shamim Khan ...

Smeda charges no fee for any pre-feasibility study

LAHORE - All of the Pre-feasibility Studies prepared by the SMEDA for Prime Minister’s Youth Business Loan Scheme (PMYBL) are available on SMEDA website free of cost. Alamgir Chaudhry, Acting Chief Executive Officer said that since the PMYBL scheme is purely a business loans scheme, an ...

jlic reports pre tax profit million
April 23, 2014

JLIC reports pre-tax profit of Rs295 million

KARACHI -Jubilee Life Insurance Company reported a pre-tax profit of Rs295 million for the first quarter of 2014, up 45pc from Rs 204 million for the same quarter in the preceding year. With after-tax profit of Rs 202 million, the earnings per share (EPS) stood at Rs 2.80. The company announced an ...

babri masjid demolition pre planned
April 05, 2014

Babri Masjid demolition pre-planned

An elaborate sting operation, conducted on 23 key people of the Ram Janambhoomi movement, claims that the demolition of the Babri Masjid on December 6, 1992, was elaborately planned by the various wings of the Sangh parivar and executed with precision by trained volunteers. It wasn’t, as it ...

‘Free zone’ demand rejected

LAHORE - The security services of the country have conveyed to their civilian bosses that they can’t accept Taliban’s demand for fixing a certain area in tribal region as ‘free zone’.As part of their conditions for peace talks, Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) had demanded ...

budget pre holds icap seminar
March 31, 2014

ICAP holds pre-budget seminar

karachi - The Southern Regional Committee of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan (ICAP) organized the pre-budget seminar 2014-15.A statement here on Sunday said that the moot was attended by around 250 participants comprising of both members, including the past presidents, and ...

Turkey labels YouTube leak a pre-election ‘plot’

ANKARA - Turkey’s embattled government vowed action on Friday over the bugging of a security meeting on Syria which was leaked on YouTube, labelling it a conspiratorial “plot” ahead of key local elections.The leak comes amid a fierce standoff between Prime Minister Recep Tayyip ...

Call for Saudi women to drive during Obama visit

RIYADH - Saudi activists have urged women to defy a traditional driving ban and get behind the wheel on Saturday, the second day of a visit by US President Barack Obama.‘We have fixed a day every month to pursue our campaign,’ activist Madiha al-Ajroush told AFP Friday, insisting that ...

jlicl reports rs million pre tax profit
March 05, 2014

JLICL reports Rs 1,390 million pre-tax profit

KARACHI : Jubilee Life Insurance Company Limited has reported a pre-tax profit of Rs 1,390m for 2013, up 72pc from Rs 809 million for preceding year. With after-tax profit of Rs 941m, the EPS stood at Rs 15.01. The company announced cash dividend at Rs 3.50 per share, which is in addition to an ...

slave wins at pre oscar spirit awards
March 03, 2014

12 Years a Slave wins big at pre-Oscar Spirit Awards

AFPSANTA MONICA-“12 Years a Slave” won big at the Independent Spirit Awards Saturday, taking home five trophies including best feature and building up momentum on the eve of the Oscars.The searing historical drama also earned prizes for British director Steve McQueen, supporting actress ...

hascol petroleum holds pre ipo
February 26, 2014

Hascol petroleum holds pre-IPO

LAHORE : The Lahore Stock Exchange organised a Pre IPO/Book building awareness session of Hascol Petroleum Ltd, inviting the chairman – Hascol, Mr. Mumtaz Khan along with his team to share the company’s financial performance before the TREC Holders and the investors of the Lahore Stock ...

indian govt defends record pre poll budget
February 18, 2014

Indian govt defends record in pre-poll budget

NEW DELHI : India’s embattled government said Monday it had lifted tens of millions of people out of poverty as it trumpeted its record in the last budget before elections it is widely tipped to lose.Finance Minister P. Chidambaram talked up his government’s achievements over the past ...

tareen flays pml pre election promise
February 13, 2014

Tareen flays PML-N’s pre-election promise on privatisation

MULTANPakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf Secretary General Jahangir Khan Tareen has disclosed that the local government elections in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa will be held by the end of April or start of May.“We’re willing to hold local government elections in KPK but Punjab and Sindh governments do not ...

stars laud scorsese at pre oscar nominees
February 12, 2014

Stars laud Scorsese at pre-Oscar nominees' lunch

AFPLOS ANGELES-US actor Jonah Hill joked that he would paint Martin Scorsese's house if the film legend asked him to, as he and "The Wolf of Wall Street" star Leonardo DiCaprio praised the veteran director. Hill, who was paid only $60,000 for his role Scorsese's latest film, said he couldn't ...