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‘Weird Al’ Yankovic tops charts with parody album

AFPLOS ANGELESUS comedian-singer “Weird Al” Yankovic has scored a career-first number one album following a viral video campaign parodying two of the biggest hits of the past year.Yankovic, 54, famed for his spoof 1984 version of Michael Jackson’s “Beat It” - ...

weird dreams a moon
March 28, 2014

You’re likely to have weird dreams when there’s a full moon

Daily MailBern-People have more weird and wonderful dreams around the time of the full moon, a British study found. The content of our dreams doesn’t vary with the seasons or with the days of the week, it showed.But in the week or so surrounding a full moon, they are decidedly more ...

weird wonderful british royal gifts
January 17, 2014

Weird and wonderful British royal gifts

AFPLONDON-A garden gnome, a chocolate royal coach and a falconry glove were among the gifts presented to Britain’s royal household last year, it was revealed on Wednesday.Queen Elizabeth II was the lucky recipient of a gold jewelled photo frame set on a jewelled ostrich egg when Sheikh ...

weird stories
December 12, 2013

Weird stories of 2013

AFPPARIS-Throughout the year, some events provide a bit of respite from the daily grind and remind us that human nature and failings are qualities shared worldwide. Here is a lighthearted selection from AFP’s “offbeat” stories for 2013: A tired German bank employee dozed off on ...

gaga weird meat bag
October 07, 2013

Gaga’s weird meat bag

NEW YORK: Lady Gaga made Cher carry her ‘’weird’’ meat handbag. The 67-year-old singer loved the unusual outfit - which was made from raw beef - donned by the singer at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) and thought it was a ‘’work of art’’, ...

weird homework excuses
September 03, 2012

Weird homework excuses

A BRITISH lecturer has revealed that a student once used the excuse “I was arrested for being a spy” to explain their lack of homework.It is just one of a number of weird excuses that John Curry has heard over the last 14 years, reports Metro.Curry explained that the student claimed ...