CUSTOMERS are being offered the chance to sample the ‘hottest pizza in the world’ at a restaurant near Brighton.

Those who think they are tough enough can order the food item from Paul’s Pizza, where it measures in at an eye watering 3.2 million on the Scoville scale. And if they’re not able to complete it, like 1,300 people that have tried before, they get a free ice cream.

‘I wanted to open a pizza place myself and being a lover of spicy food I thought I would include a challenge on the menu,’ said creator of the fiery lunch and restaurant boss Paul Brayshaw.

The pizza consists of mozzarella, a herb sauce, a normal tomato base and of course, the flaming ghost pepper, which is one of the fieriest in the world.

One lucky (or unlucky) taster of the pizza was so overwhelmed with the spices he was unable to take a second bite. Christopher Barnard, 28, from Brighton added: ‘The pain started before I had even bitten into it. As soon as it touched my lips they were on fire. There was no pleasure at all, just pain. It was unbearable, definitely more of a challenge than a treat.’     –GN