ISLAMABAD - Pakistani Ulema Council chief has once again emphasised that the Afghan government must apologise for accusing him of endorsing suicide bombing in Afghanistan.

Speaking during an exclusive joint debate hosted by Radio Free Europe and Radio Mashaal, Maulana Tahir Ashrafi denied endorsing suicide bombing in Afghanistan. He said, "I have not mentioned about suicide attack. It is a propaganda against me and against my country. I will not attend the peace conference unless the Afghan government tenders an apology."

Maulana Ashrafi was quoted by media agencies, earlier in March, that suicide bombing was allowed in Afghanistan as long as foreign troops were present in that country. However, Maulana Ashrafi denied the reports but the allegations sparked widespread objections by the Afghan people and president Hamid Karzai.

Speaking at a joint press conference with the Nato secretary general president Karzai said, "Apparently those who are encouraging and supporting terrorism and kill ordinary Afghan people including men and children should be added to the blacklist. This is a violation of the human dignity to kill women and children."

Afghan officials have long been accusing Pakistan of supporting militants in Afghanistan but Islamabad has repeatedly denied the allegations. The conference of Afghan and Pakistani Ulema was agreed at a joint trilateral summit between Afghan, Pakistani and British leaders back in February. However, Pakistani Ulema boycotted the conference calling it a one side attack against the Taliban militant groups without having any specific agenda.

In the meantime, Qazi Mohammad Waqad a member of the Afghan High Peace Council who participated in the debate denied the allegations and said that the conference had a clear agenda but was boycotted by Maulana Ashrafi.

He said, "Maulana Ashrafi, following a Fatwa, endorsed the holy war by Taliban in Afghanistan and refused to participate in the conference due to the presence of foreign troops in the country."

Mr Waqad also insisted that there was no need to tender apology by Afghanistan government and only the misunderstandings should be cleared.