What a shame that the elite, the rich, the elected and selected people in Pakistan refuse to pay their bills? This is beyond comprehension…how come the poor consumer has to pay, while the rich (who can pay) gets away without paying utility bills? As a patriotic Pakistani, I will strongly suggest that all those who as per the list provided to Election Commission of Pakistan, have not paid their utility bills must be barred, not only in this election but permanently from ever contesting for elections. We need to remove these free loaders from our governing bodies and remove this habit of not paying for luxuries. Do the people in power need lesson in ethics and manners? There should be no compromise on these rules set by the ECP; there already seems to be enough loopholes left for defaulters and fake degree holders to come back and rule, let’s not allow thieves once again to enter our assemblies where they pass bills to legitimise theft and give themselves undue perks and increase in salary.

Supreme Court of Pakistan has already declared them ineligible which means that the apex court has strengthened and supported the ECP, which makes it imperative that they stick to their guns. The public is sick and tired of such dishonest and disgraceful people from participating in the running of their country. ECP must have checks and balances which can sift such people out, but despite all this, if such people succeed in getting elected, then it will be a complete failure on the part of ECP.

Those whose names have already been published by national institutions and departments like IESCO are members of our legislative system; these have been entrusted by the nation to uphold the law of the land, if they break the law, then who will uphold it? The question is very simple. If ECP does not bar them, these defaulters will succeed in making it to the assemblies once again.


Kuwait, March 29.