ISLAMABAD - Failure of Islamabad police to get breakthrough in various cases of kidnapping and alleged reports of harassment of citizens by the incumbent IGP’s son is likely to deprive the incumbent police chief of Islamabad from his post, as well-placed sources told TheNation on Sunday that authorities are about to finalise name for new IG Islamabad.

“Islamabad police are expected to have new chief within a week. Authorities are considering names of three senior police officers to pick one of them as new IG Islamabad,” sources revealed on Sunday.

An official of Interior Ministry endorsed the same information and added that intelligence agencies have also provided a secret report to higher authorities of Interior Ministry which states how the incumbent chief of Islamabad failed to improve law and order in Islamabad. The report, the was submitted to federal Interior Ministry last week, also mentioned in detail how the son of IG Islamabad misused name of his father to blackmail and harass some of the businessmen of Islamabad to get benefits (monetary).

“Failure to do well as a chief of Islamabad capital territory police and alleged involvement of his son in various cases of harassment is likely to cost IG Islamabad Bani Amin heavily,” said a higher official of Interior Ministry.

Apart from secret agencies report that requested the authorities to transfer Islamabad police chief, a couple of senators have also written to Interior Ministry to get rid of incumbent chief of Islamabad capital territory police for his failure to maintain law and order in Islamabad.

‘Who would be the new chief of ICT police’ is still a mystery, however, sources said AIG Sultan Azam Taimoori, senior police office Inam Ghani and PSP officer Usman Zakrya were the officers whom the authorities are considering for top slot of ICT police.

It is no more a secret that Islamabad police has badly been failed to keep law and order in the federal capital. Last year, Bani Amin Khan, incumbent chief of Islamabad police himself admitted before Senate Standing Committee on Interior and Narcotics Control that his police force failed to improve law and order in the federal capital.

“Yes, we have received a request from honorable Senators in this regards. However, I am sorry to make content of the latter public,” official of interior Ministry said.

“A total of 190 people (including some high profile personalities) have been kidnapped from the capital city since January 2010. Investigations into 39 cases are still underway while 17 cases have been declared “untraced”,” Bani Amin told Senate standing committee.