Pervaiz Ahmed

CHINIOT-With the general elections around the corner, the political parties have geared up their activities while the PPP and the PML-N have changed their plans regarding awarding of party tickets to aspirants, thereby creating differences within the parties.

The PPP Parliamentarians and PML-Q have decided to field former tehsil nazim Syed Zulfiqar Ali Shah against Qaisar Ahmed Sheikh who joined the PML-N a few days ago defecting the PTI, in NA-86. The PML-N has also changed their candidates in PP-73, PP-74 and PP-75. The PPP will now name Syed Kaleem Amir as candidate against PML-N’s Ilyas Chinioti in PP-73 and Molana Rehmatullah against Syed Hassan Murtaza in PP-74.

PML-N has nominated Mehr Ghulam Muhammad Lali against Faisal Saleh Hayat in NA-88. PPP’s Malik Ghulam Abbas Nissoana will contest against Mehr Imtiaz Ahmed Lali of PML-N in PP-75 and N League’s Iftikhar Baloch will contest from PP-76. However, its Ghulam Bibi Barwana will fight against Syed Asad Hayat, brother of Syed Faisal Saleh Hayat, from NA-87.

In the present scenario, the PPP and PML-N have denied ticket to their die-hard workers Sheikh Qaisar Mehmood and Syed Anayat Ali Shah. Both the parties have decided to field new faces in NA-86 where the PML-N always faced a defeat during 1988 to 2008. N’s Sheikh Qaisar Mehmood who has changed more than six parties has been working at NA-86 for the last two years to strengthen the PML-N.

Thus, the PML-N has been divided into two factions in NA-86 because of the decision to change the party candidate. Three groups - Hussain Shah Group, its opponent Ghulam Abbas group along with Sheikh Ismail - have remained strong in the race in Chiniot during the last two decades.

On the other hand, Syed Zulfiqar Ali Shah, who has been elected as tehsil nazim twice in Chiniot, joined the PPP without announcing his resignation from the PTI. Zulfiqar belongs to Sardar Hussain Shah group of Rojaya Sadat, a politically strong group in the region.

Because of national crises like loadshedding of gas and electricity and corruption across the country in government departments, the PPP is not in a strong position in the constituency however, Syed Anayat Ali Shah, former PPP’s MNA, carried out various development projects and therefore, he has ensured a number voters and supporters.