The Election Commission of Pakistan has begun the scrutiny phase of nomination papers from Monday after receiving 9124 nomination papers from candidates.

While the formal scrutiny began on Monday, Election Commission has already received replies from NAB, FBR and State Bank for 4600 nomination papers.

The Election Commission is also in the process of posting the nomination papers of candidates on their website along with information of their respective districts.

Strict scrutiny of nomination papers according to article 62 and 63 of the constitution will continue on till 7th April after which all ineligible candidates will be barred from contesting the upcoming general elections.

All candidates however, have the right to file appeals against the decision of the Returning Officers on the acceptance or rejection of nomination papers till 10th April. Decisions on these appeals can be taken till the 17th of April after which a final list of candidates will be published on 19th April.

It must be mentioned that the number of nomination papers filed as compared to the last elections has dropped by almost 50 percent when as many as 15,000 candidates had filed nomination papers.