FAISALABAD (Online) - Pakistan faces shortfall in as the production is standing at 0.5 million tons, whereas the consumption is 1.5 million tons. The production needs to be boosted up to cater the demand of population by giving awareness to the farming community about latest practices.

This was stated by speakers at Farmers Convention at University of Agriculture Faisalabad Iqbal Auditorium on Sunday. On the occasion, Prof Dr Iqrar Ahmad Khan urged the farming community to adopt the latest practices which will not only increase their production but also help the country to face the challenges of food security. He was of the view that water scarcity issue is the area of concern for the world as it is diminishing because of climate changes.

Dr Anjum Ali Bhuttor said the country can boost up its agricultural production by promoting latest practices. He said that the farming community should also keep the pulses in their focus. He said five years ago, we were exporting the moong pulse. But, he regretted, now, are the importing the said commodity.

Dr Noorul Islam said Pakistan is blessed with four seasons and best climate. But per acre production of the country is very low because of traditional way of farming.  He was the of the view that the state-of-the-art varieties of different crops must be used keeping in view the soil, balanced use of fertilizer etc to secure food in Pakistan.

Dr Abid Mahmood said that the country produced the bumper cotton last year. He told the audience that per acre cotton production was 26 maund per acre which is higher than United States and Indian Punjab. The US is producing 21 maund per acre whereas Indian Punjab is having 15 maund per acre.

Dr Nazir said that agricultural scientists and farming community are helping ensure the food security in the country. He stressed the need to expedite the efforts to end poverty and hunger from the globe.