The difference between a private and a government owned organization is very striking. When PTCL saw that the outgoing politicians were not in a position to deny paying their bills, because all pending bills would mean that they are disqualified for contesting elections, they made the list public. Seeing this, the cash starved other government organizations like SNGPL, KESC, SSG and WAPDA should have availed the opportunity and asked for their dues to be cleared as well. It was amusing to find reports of SNGPL and WAPDA still crying about going bankrupt in the next few months and still not asking the consumers to pay their bills. With such indolent attitude towards recovering their bills, no wonder these companies cannot survive. Ironically these are the same companies that have been complaining to everyone how the politicians owed them huge sums of money from the connections of gas and electricity to their private homes and businesses and how they are helpless to recover these amounts.

If these organizations consider themselves professional organizations they should also publish the list of the defaulters. If they don’t use this chance to recover the lost exchequer funds they will never get a better chance.


Peshawar, March 29.