HAFIZABAD - Marriage rejoicing of a family in Prem Kot village turned into mourning when the bridegroom was shot dead by his rivals before the departure of marriage party on Sunday.

According to police source, deceased Rana Abdul Jabbar was settled in Greece and returned to Pakistan a few days ago for his and his two brothers’ marriages. On the day, his marriage party was intending to leave for Mahiwal village when all of a sudden his rivals Rana Muhammad Iqbal and Rana Muhammad Anwar came in front of his house and resorted to indiscriminate firing. Resultantly he died on the spot.

According to sources, the accused had got registered a case against the deceased some time ago and since then there was a rivalry between the groups.

The have removed the body to the city morgue for autopsy and registered a case against the accused, who managed to escape after committing the offence.

CRACKDOWN: The city police have launched a special crackdown on the owners of non-registered bikes and during a general holdup, the police have impounded more than 1,000 unregistered bikes.

The police launched crackdown against “Applied For” motor cycles because most of the crimes were being committed on non-registered bikes. The police refused to return the impounded bikes to the owners. However, the police advised the violators to get their bikes registered so that their two-wheelers could be returned to them.

The impounded bikes included those of an Assistant Director Anti-Corruption, Tehsildar and officials of different departments.

VACCINE DEMANDED: Different local organisations including Patients Welfare Society have called upon the Health Department to provide anti-rabies vaccine in the DHQ Hospital without further delay.

According to hospital source, victims of pye-dogs and snakes face great hardship and inconvenience due to lack of anti-rabies vaccine and hospital authorities advised the patients to purchase the same from medical stores, which is very costly.

LOADSHEDDING: Gepco has broken all its previous records of loadshedding in the city and suburban area for the past few days crippling the business activities.

Prolonged loadshedding has deprived the small businessmen and workers of their two-time meals.

The power loom workers and owners’ unions have protested against the increase in the duration of loadsheddings and called upon the authorities to take pity on them so as to enable them to make their both ends meet.