KARACHI – Traffic system in Karachi requires comprehensive reforms, said Inspector General of Police (IGP) Sindh Shahid Nadeem Baloch.

Chairing a departmental meeting at Central Police Office on Sunday, he said traffic rules have to be strictly implemented under an efficient and comprehensive mechanism.

 He said for the purpose the models of Islamabad Traffic and Motorway Police must be reviewed and implemented accordingly.

In view of the media reports about incidents of robbery and snatching during traffic jams in the city, the IGP said the concerned section officer of traffic, in case of traffic jam, must immediately contact the SHO of the area police station so that cops on motor bikes might reach the affected patch.

“This would not only ensure security but also facilitate in easing the congestion,” said IG Shahid Nadeem Baloch. He said that Karachi traffic police must be adequately equipped with lifters, twitching trucks, cranes and other gadgets that could conduct earliest removal of vehicles that may break-down just in the middle of traffic flow.

He said comprehensive reforms would be introduced in traffic system along with coordinated steps to get the traffic laws implemented.

He said the traffic police should ensure availability of cranes, toe trucks and lifters to remove faulty vehicles from roads in case of any road mishap.

He said community policing should be promoted at all levels to facilitate people.

The IG Sindh Police also ordered that all drivers associated with police department must be physically examined, with specific reference to eye and hearing tests, within 30 days time.

As he was informed that there was shortage of drivers in the police department, IG said staff substituting as drivers in the department must also necessarily undergo the ordered tests within the stipulated time period.

The IG Sindh police when informed that induction of drivers against the vacant posts in the department was very much needed, ordered that details of these vacancies along with recommendations must be prepared so that it could be forwarded to the caretaker government.

The IGP also issued directive to all officials concerned to ensure implementation of Section 144 Cr. PC regarding ban on carrying and display of arms.