MARDAN - The local police has traced the name of one suicide bomber of the Katlong bazaar and raided his house recovering weapons from his house, a police official said on Sunday.

District Police Officer (DPO) Mardan Tahir Ayuab Khan while talking to TheNation said that on Saturday during the suicide attack in Katlong bazaar in which a police officer was killed and two civilians had got injured and the two suicide bombers were also killed.

He added that during the incident one suicide bomber jumped in the house of Ahmed Ali where he had also blown himself in the house. He added that when police was collecting evidence from the mentioned house, it found a national identity card from the spot. He added that due to that ID card the identity of the suicide bomber was confirmed and his name was Fazl-e-Subhan, the son of Fazal-e-Kareem, resident of Skandari Koroona Hoti Mardan. He further said that later on the police raided the house and recovered one hand-grenade, Klashnikov, 30 bore pistol, prima card 2 feet, safety fuse 10 centimeters, 15 bullets of 30 bore pistol and 9 bullet of 7.62 bore and a motorbike.

He further said that the motorbike used in the suicide-bombing incident in Katlong on Saturday was also traced.

He added that police found the registration of the mentioned motorbike and according to the registration this motorbike is registered on the name of Abdullah son of Ajab Khan resident of Par Hoti Mardan.

He further said that according to the initial investigation the weapon and motorbike recovered from the house of the suicide bomber were used in the incident occurred on last Wednesday late night in which two police cops were killed in the limits of Jabbar police station. He added that further investigation is under way in this connection.