A WOMAN who is a criminal lawyer by day is leading a secret double life as a pop star by night.

Australian born Bowie Jane works full time as a straight-laced barrister during the day, but unbeknown to her colleagues and clients she moonlights as a pop siren - often performing in front of thousands.

The 27-year-old regularly whizzes from the quiet court room to the stage, where she swaps her wig, robe and briefcase for Lycra suits and black nail polish.

Sometimes the singer even wears her costume underneath her legal robes to save time getting changed for evening gigs.

"I'm living two lives at once, by day one person and by night another, and sometimes it can get rather confusing," she said.

"Music has always been my passion but my parents wanted me to get a degree and a proper job. For the last four years I have been juggling the two, working as a lawyer during the day and performing five or six nights a week. It's strange as the judges and my clients and colleagues have no idea that I sing."

Bowie Jane, who has just released her first single Luv Bomb, has a double degree in Bachelor of commerce and Bachelor of laws. She has tackled criminal cases for the last four years. But she uses a stage name to cover her true identity and is keen to keep her pop career a secret from the legal world.

"I keep my pop music very separate and only a few very close friends know how I spend my evenings," she said.

"Law is a male dominated industry and very conservative and I'm worried that people wouldn't take me seriously if they found out. It shouldn't matter, but it does. I look and dress very differently at work compared to when I go on stage, which also helps."                –WO