ISLAMABAD - AHMAD AHMADANI - The caretaker government, while changing prices of petroleum products (POL) under monthly price review mechanism, has jacked up general sales tax (GST) and petroleum levy (PL) already imposed on the products up to Rs2.90/litre.

Though Ministry of Finance has approved changes in prices of petroleum products (POL) yet consumers have not been given full relief as recommended by Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (Ogra) in its summary pertaining to POL prices of April, which became effective by late Sunday night at 12:01pm.

Interestingly, this time relief in the form of cut in the prices of POL products has been given to the consumers but it is less than what the regulator recommended to the government. Earlier, the regulator had recommended Rs1.80 decrease in per litre price of petrol for the month of April but only Rs0.77/litre cut in the price has been made and the new price after approved cut would be Rs102.30/litre.

While Ogra had recommended Rs1.45 cut in per litre prices of diesel but the new price after a decrease of Rs0.62/litre would now be Rs108.59/litre during April in the open market. 

As per notification, new price of light diesel oil (LDO) would be Rs93.28/litre after a cut of Rs1.50/litre, while the regulator had recommended Rs4.93 cut in per litre price of LDO. Similarly, the regulatory authority had recommended Rs 4.69 decrease in per litre price of Kerosene oil but the government has approved only Rs 1.64/litre decrease and the new price of kerosene would be Rs98.26/litre.

The government has also decreased the price of high octane blended component (HOBC) from Rs4.08 to 8.30/litre. JP-1 after a decrease of Rs4.87/litre has set the price at Rs88.65/litre, while JP-4 after a cut of Rs4.60/litre would be Rs81.55/litre and JP-8 after a decrease of Rs4.89/litre would now be available at Rs88.32/litre during the month of April.