LAHORE – Vice Chancellor of the University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences (UVAS), Prof Talat Pasha, has said the fictitious control of local district governments is one of impediments to boost meat production and attract private investers in the livestock sector.

   Talking to APP here on Sunday, he said that leaving the meat sector free of any govt control would lead to increase its production and quality. He elaborated the price list affixed at butcher shops was not implemented by both butchers and customers but the practise of listing and pricing meat gave negative signals to investors.

   Prof Pasha stressed to make meat free of any level of government control like poultry which is growing at a rate of 10 per cent annually. He said mostly slaughter houses in the country were not upto the mark except one in Shahpur where all modern facilities were provided.

He cited that prices of meat in Iran were $12 per kg while in Pakistan $5 per kg which was not attractive to investors. Pakistan has great potential of export of meat due its low prices as compared to Malaysia, Middlea East and other neighbouring countries, he added.  Commenting on shortage and price hike of meat, he pointed out that one of reasons of shortage of meat and its price hike was the early slaughtering of calves. According to a raw estimate around one million calves are being annually slaughtered in and around Karachi. Early slaughtering of calves should be snubbed. A 50 kg calf after its farming within one year grows to a 200 kg animal which ultimately escalates the production of meat to g intestines should be reprocessed for earning money and eradication of environmental pollution, he suggested.