All the countries of the world that really care for their nation are producing cheap electricity using resources at their disposal such as natural gas, coal, river-water and nuclear reactors. It is only our country that is using petroleum (which is vying with gold in prices) for this purpose. This speaks volumes about the extremely poor caliber of our leadership. This also proves that our incompetent leaders lead us straight into the strategic trap, meant to keep us poor, so that our country will always remain dependent on the begging bowl. It is no wonder that our present electricity prices are at least 50 percent higher than the average international market rates. This fact in itself uncovers a strange contradiction, the poorer we get the more we have to pay for this essential commodity that is next only to water in our basic necessities.

WAPDA has now applied to the government for 61 percent raise in per unit price in response to IMF demand to link electricity rates to petroleum price. If this request is granted then it may prove to be the last straw for our existence as a nation, because now a country can only survive if it has a viable economy and with electricity so expensive we will see a domino effect in the downfall of our economy.


Muzaffargarh, March 28.