ISLAMABAD - Two young and energetic youth of PTI submitted their nomination papers from Rawalpindi and Islamabad on Sunday.Faisal Javed Khan, a young leader of PTI, submitted his nomination papers on NA-48 while Asif Mehmood, president of Pakistan Tehreik-e-Insaf Youth Wing Northern Punjab submitted his nomination papers for PP-9, Rawalpindi.Both young leaders decided to submit nomination papers following an announcement by chairman of Pakistan Tehreik-e-Insaf that PTI would award 25 per cent tickets to young leaders. Both Faisal Javed Khan and Asif Mahmood are well-educated young leaders of PTI and enjoy credibility among party. While submitting nomination papers in their respective cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi, both youngsters vowed to pursue politics of rules and regulations. “We believe in positive change. Hailing from middle class family, I am well aware of the problems Pakistanis are facing nowadays.  I will surely play my due role to highlight issues of masses,” Asif Mahmood said.