Unseemly and abrupt

The MQM’s abrupt initiative to seek UN’s involvement, questioning the delimitations of electoral boundaries in Karachi, is unwarranted. Is there no institution inside the country credible enough for the party to trust? According to some experts since the decision regarding delimitation of boundaries was taken by the Supreme Court, the MQM going this far means, it is plainly questioning its authority. The MQM has to act as a responsible political party that should respect the constitution, and vital state institutions. It has to go by the court orders and of the ECP whether it likes them or not. And if it thinks, its interests are being impinged it ought to knock at their doors. Sadly, on the one hand, it keeps saying it respects the SC but on the other it displays such unseemly behaviour. This makes for a paradox that might erode party’s credibility as well as needlessly embroil it in a controversy.
The measures that the ECP is taking is to enable a common Pakistani vote with freedom, a right that should not be affected merely because of some reservation about the marking of boundaries. If the MQM says it is a popular party, it should not be afraid of new boundaries. Why make such a fuss?

ePaper - Nawaiwaqt