ISLAMABAD  - The walking track of Nawaz Sharif Park has been in shambles to such an extent that the women, children and elderly have stopped their routine walk due to inundation of a vast portion of the track by adjacent nursery.      A visit of the park transpired that persistent walk on the track is impossible as a walker has to break his speed several times as muddy water has been accumulated on various places of the track especially adjacent to double road, near children’s play area, adjacent to water tanks and adjacent to newly occupied cricket club area. The nursery of Pakistan Horticulture Authority (PHA) has destroyed the beauty of the park as heaps of trees, broken vases, and other garbage has been scattered here and there. Talking to APP, many visitors were of the view that almost whole track has been destroyed. Over a dozen vehicles of Pakistan Horticulture Authority (PHA) are being parked at the walking track of the park adjacent to Agriculture colony gate.  Owing to dilapidated condition - the people prefer to walk on the adjacent grass of the track. Even a moderate shower forces the regular walkers to stay home. A vast portion of the walking track adjacent to Agricultural University Hostel has recently been occupied by a cricket club, recently emerged on the track, God knows on what grounds they have been allowed by PHA. It is no more possible for a women walker to have a serene walk on this portion of the track due to the presence of multi dozen people playing and enjoying cricket while standing on the walking track especially in the evening.  Saima, a regular walker said she has stopped walking due to the presence of a large number of cricketers on the track has made.