Mohmand - Pakistan Red Crescent Mohmand chapter with the help of PRC Merged Areas Headquarters Peshawar on Thursday celebrated international day of ‘Mine Awareness & Assistance in Mine Action’ here at Upper Mohmand Haleemzai Mohmand Model School Ghazi Baig.

People from different walks of life, tribal elders and officials from different line departments participated in the event. Additional Deputy Commissioner Mir Khawas Wazir, Provincial Programme Coordinator Amad Yousaf, Mohmand Model School Principal Nazeer Ahmad, District Secretary PRCS Mohmand Fauzee Khan, Community Liaison Officer CBRE/SB Program Amajd Ali, disables with their elders from tehsil Ambar, Pindiali and Ekkaghund and Prang Ghar also participate in the function.

District Secretary PRC Mohmand Branch Fauzee Khan said that PRC Mohmand has been striving to serve the people for the last 12 years. “We have rendered our best services in all kinds of natural calamities including earthquakes, floods, Ziarat Marable collapse incident and covid-19 vaccination and awareness programs” said Khan.

Fauzee Khan said that PRCS is a statutory body constituted and governed by an ‘Act of Parliament.’ It was founded in Pakistan on December 20,1947 by an order called ” The Pakistan Red Cross Order” issued by Quaid-e- Azam, as Governor General of Pakistan and Founding President of the society. “PRCS is a voluntary humanitarian organization, dedicated to improving lives of vulnerable peoples “said Khan.

Speaking on the occasion, the Provincial Programme Coordinator for Merged Areas Amad Yousaf said that over past several decades, the entire region, especially the tribal districts have been the victim of militancy.

He said that occurrence of these incidents the main reason lack of awareness about explosives and mines in society.